Raised on an organic culinary herb farm in Fall City, Washington, Shanti has been painting as long as she can remember. Coming from a family of artists—in both her maternal grandfather and mother—Shanti was always drawn to creativity. She wanted to paint, draw, and photograph from a very young age. It was a calling, a necessity in her life to express herself through the arts.  During high school Shanti convinced the Head of School and Upper School Director to allow her an independent study of painting under the guidance of the late artist, Brian Chapman, for both junior and senior years. This was an important time for Shanti as she realized art was an inherent part of  her  being. It was time for her to hone her skills and dedicate herself to the path of becoming a working artist one day.

While studying for her BFA in Interior Design/Interior Architecture at Cornish College of the Arts from 2003- 2008, she made it a priority maintain her painting practice. In the tiny loft space above her bedroom in which she could not even fully stand up, she committed to her craft 5 days a week.

Starting in 2005, Shanti began to experience major health problems. These challenges continue through the present day, and it is  extremely frustrating when she is unable to express her creativity due to her medical conditions. These difficult circumstances have made her immensely patient and especially grateful for the times she can work. Even on her toughest days she continues to find inspiration and beauty in the world around her, which she then applies to her ever evolving body of work. Her art is a testament to her keen ability slow down, study the natural world with awe, and maintain gratitude for resilience and artistry.



No matter where I am – my studio next to the Snoqualmie River or an abandoned industrial site – I find inspiration in the visual landscape, subtle dynamics of natural light, texture and compositions around me. Through this study of the environment, I translate my personal encounters into artwork that explores the relationship between medium and visual experience.

Growing up on a rural farm I have been taught to appreciate the subtleties in my surroundings, both natural and manmade. Because of this upbringing and my observant personality I have always been curious and fascinated with my surrounding environments. I observe my immediate atmosphere with this natural sense of curiosity and fascination because I am easily transfixed by color, texture, shape, line, composition, space and light. I find it important to seek out not just the obvious beauty but the subtle beauty in anything and everything.

With this view of the world I digest my discoveries and apply my impressions into an inspirational vignette that is my artwork. By pushing and using mixed media in a unique and unconventional way, it allows each piece I create to be one of a kind.

Every painting is the melodic culmination of uncontrollable variables that guide the course of each work. Chemistry, time, consistency and quantity of medium, temperature, humidity and surface material induce a dynamic, spontaneous experience where each element is forced to interact in a way that can never be perfectly duplicated. With this unique method, I am given the opportunity to have a truly intimate and individual experience with each work forged. Within each painting is a self-contained moment; a reverie; a momentary observation with a personal response; an ephemeral experience now made permanent and tangible.



Bainbridge Island Museum of Art Juried Show: Summer 2023 (Currently Showing through September 24th 2023)

Studio Exhibit: Spring 2014

Frederick Holmes and Company Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seattle ,WA-
Group Exhibit: Winter 2013

Frederick Holmes and Company Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seattle ,WA-
Solo Exhibit: Fall 2013

Frederick Holmes and Company Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seattle ,WA-
Group Exhibit: Summer 2013

Studio Exhibit: Fall 2012

Friesen Fine Art Gallery, Seattle ,WA-
Group Exhibit: Summer 2011

Friesen Fine Art Gallery, Seattle, WA-
Featured as ‘New Emerging Artist’: Spring 2011

Santa Monica Roseark, Santa Monica, CA-
Solo Exhibit: Winter 2010

Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA-
Group Exhibit: Fall 2010

Roseark Gallery, West Hollywood, CA-
Solo Exhibit: Fall 2010

Studio Exhibit: Summer 2009

Studio Exhibit: Spring 2008

Studio Exhibit: Fall 2007

Studio Exhibit: Summer 2006

Studio Exhibit: Summer 2005